Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recommened shoes-for when we have to wear them

There are quite a few types of shoes in this world that aren't a misery to wear, and can be quite fun to wear, too.

I'm working right now for a company that makes some of the best shoes for one who likes to live barefoot.

They will be a topic of soon-future posts. I'll be doing a lot of shoe posts.

Shoes, when they must be worn, should be fun and barefoot friendly. No, one doesn't have to be a woman to see the fun value of shoes, or to like talking about shoes. Some of my female friends think my take on this subject is rather funny, but they still appreciate it.

Guys, it can indeed get positive attention for ladies. It makes my wife laugh when I talk about shoes; my daughter laughs too, but appreciates the fact that I "get it".

I can't wait to post again about this, but since I have other obligations tonight, I must. So sign up to follow this blog! We'll have some fun talking about all this good stuff!


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