Saturday, September 24, 2016

Barefoot Dancing In Russia-Bollywood Style?

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Olga Gavva, Owner of Dance Company Chakri

When it comes to dancing, Russia may be best known for ballet.

A Russian dance company, the Dance Company Chakri, is changing all that. Among the many performances by this company based in St. Petersburg, are Indian dances with popular Bollywood themes that have taken off.

Funny that that the name "Chakri" would suggest this, since the "Chakra" is an Indian word. (Chakras are part of the system and science of Yoga, also created in India 5,000 years ago. Since Boolywood dance is the focus for Chakri, we can guess the name wasn't a coincidence.

It's likely no coincidence that the choice todo Bollywood might have been influenced by lifestyle.

Traditional Indian dances are performed barefoot, which might have helped motive Dance Company Chakri's owner, Olga Gaava. Olga goes barefoot all year round, yes, even in winter in St. Petersburg.

Video of Russian dances performing traditional India dances.

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Olga, left, makes no shame of her practice of going barefoot

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Barefoot and Powerful-Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Yoga 2:
Danica Patrick in Sirsana Pinned by Mark McKay

Danica Patrick does call herself a "girly girl", and she said she was also a cheerleader, not exactly descritption that would be given to a woman who's bringing change to the patrarchal establishment. 

NASCAR hasn't banned beer or tank tops, but it has seen Yoga be introduced by popular race driver Danica Patrick. Other race drivers do yoga, but few who have such a high profile. Patrick has also appeared in adds in Yoga Journal for various health products while posing in lotus.

Patrick, who is now 33, said she started doing Yoga when she was 19. Doing the math, that takes us back to 2002, a year after then-iconic super model Christy Turlington appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in Rooster pose. Time's article about Yoga also talked about how Madonna had become Yoga's other celeb spokeswoman.

Like Madonna and Turlington, Patrick was already ingood shape before taking up yoga. Her bigger challenge was the more subtle aspects of the 5,000-year-old athletic discipline.

"It's relaxing. It's calming to me, and the challenge to me is really the breath. It's hard for me to use one breath to get to one pose and exhale getting back out of it, but that is my practice, and that's what I have to work a lot on," Patrick told TonyFabrizio in February. Fabrizio was writing a story on Patrick's yoga practice for 

Barefoot and Bendy with Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick maybe best known for auto racing, but lately, she's made a bigger splash doing yoga on a boat. While the boat included a crew of partygoers, Danica's yoga is as serious as her racing.

Posted viaInstagram by Danica Patrick (left, in Wheel Pose) with Katylin Sweet (right, in Camel Pose)

Maybe its that the NASCAR crowd isn't so into Yoga, and that's why Danica gets so much attention. It doens't hurt that she did her latest yoga poses for the public in a bikini. She's posted pletny of Instgram pics of her posing in, well, regular Yoga clothes. 

She was described earlier this year as "rediculously good at yoga" by USA Today, and as far as the physical practice goes, the proof is in the pose pics. Of course, any practitioner of yoga knows there's more to it, and so does Danica, when she talks of breathign exercises being essential to her yoag practice. 

“Breath is the one thing that I really do use from yoga in the race car,” she said. “When things get tense it’s in through the nose, out through the mouth. Inevitably it calms your heart rate down. It calms you down. I by all means use breath in the car, which is something that I’ve used in yoga, 

-Danica Patrick to USA Today Sports, Ferbuary, 2016.

She'll no doubt add the Yoga helps her avoid the aches and pains that come from all the sitting and driving.....Namaste!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Barefoot and Powerful-A Woman's Journey to Power Through Love

It's true that "female empowerment" is a buzzword these days, and that everyone is talking about it because the idea is popular.  For Charlotte Cressey, an well-known feminist and activist, the idea is no exception to her list of priorities; but Charlotte says her priorities all come back to something that's more than just an idea; she's talking about Universal Love.

Charlotte will be one of eight speakers at this year's West Coast Ecofeminist Conference, while she is the anchor sponsor. The conference is about more than popular political perspectives. Ecofeminism, loosely defined, takes us beyond just women's suffrage and asks us to look beyond the need to dominate others before we can have a sense of self worth. To engage Ecofeminism is to make ourselves evolve beyond a world whose social model depends on exploiting others.

We all know that it is possible to operate a profitable business and still have morality; we all know that people can respect each other's boundaries and still find prosperity for their own. The conference also focuses on the theme of a vegan lifestyle, which Charlotte has practiced since her teens. She was not even ten years old when she stopped eating meat. To have a compassionate heart is to consider the welfare of animals before deciding what to eat or what to wear. By making compassion-based decisions, one fights the battle to change the world by showing love, she explains.

Charlotte has also practiced Yoga for many years. Among the many tenets of Yoga as a lifestyle in practice is to show love to one self and others.

The physical practice of Yoga prompts the practitioner start to feel its positive effects as soon as you move into any pose. The awakening is as simple as when you take off your shoes and touch the ground barefoot. The energy you connect with on the ground is immediately more powerful, and so are you.

To learn more about the West Coast Ecofeminist Conference and to buy tickets, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Charlotte Cressey, her Yoga classes and other wellness offerings, CLICK HERE


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why is barefooting so popular in Russia?

Здравствуйте дорогие друзья! Hello, dear friends.
It's been a while since we published. I'm sorry we're not literate in Russian. Russian readers seem to be good with English, since we have so many as of late. In July, about 15% of our total readership was from Russia. Nine other countries comprised our readership list; but none of them had nearly as many readers.
Last summer, some long-time readers and Facebook friends Igor Rezun and Olga Gavva published some of our posts on Russian websites; it was a honor and a privilege. Olga is a ballet dancer as well as the owner of a ballet company, so it seems natural she'd go barefoot a lot-but keep in mind that she, as well as Igor (who is best known professionally as an author) goes barefoot on the snow in Moscow in winter; we need not say more about winter temperatures in Moscow.
Perhaps our Russian readers migth comment about why some Russians seem so into barefooting. The blog Understand Russia talks about taking shoes off in the house-a custom that exists in many cultures, and gives some advice to travelers. But we're still not sure where interest in barefooting begins or ends. Shoes from Soviet times were of course uncomfortable and nevertheless hard to come by, so going barefoot when it was warm helped save one's shoes. Now that Russians are becoming more affluent in the post-communist era, they may take a different approach.
Who knows? Perhaps our Russian readers do....

До скорого! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Barefoot and Powerful-Meet a Powerful Woman Who is....

Charlotte Cressey is someone who is quietly changing the world while totally being herself. On the same day that might you see her dancing barefoot on the beach, you’ll find her carrying a clip board, taking information and giving instructions. She’s an activist and a teacher, and the newest addition to the Barefoot and Powerful series that Almost Barefoot started two years ago.

Charlotte was a vegetarian before she was ten and a vegan by her mid-teens. Before she was 30, she was a globally-recognized speaker and an authority on animal rights and feminism. The two causes, she says, are inherently linked, and she speaks simultaneously for humanity and for animals each time she’s at the podium.

“We are committed to co-creating a kinder world for all beings and helping people learn to live in harmony with each other and the Earth,” says Charlotte on her website, www.charlotte

Ecofeminism, which, as an idea and an ideal Charlotte focuses on, says that the exploitation of animals and women are connected in a social mentality that focuses on exploitation, hence the social mentality that condones destroying the environment for humanity’s personal gains. Charlotte is committed to changing the world to one where Ecofeminism is a social norm.

What’s different about her presentations is that, even as a powerful feminist, and one who is not afraid to say so, (ask her about God and she’ll tell you about how to see God as a woman), she is committed to a kind approach. Her tone is one that sticks to being kind, and still, she draws and keeps the crown engaged. Even if she’s in a street protest, she stays committed to a kind approach, and even she’s speaking while wearing a dress and heels in a formal ballroom, she won’t likely be shaking her fist.

Instead, she’ll be raising her hands gracefully as she leads her audience with Yogic breathing techniques and brings the whole crowd together before she speaks of deep topics like feminism and the environment. Attending her speech means going to Yoga while you’re at it.

We’re going to visit more with Charlotte, who has been unavailable for interviews, which we hoped to finish before our own summer break, but Almost Barefoot promises more to come. We want to know how Yoga has helped Charlotte empower herself, so that you can too. We are committed to empowering women and thus empowering all of society for positive change, and we’ll be back in early August.




Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why is Yoga so popular?

Yoga is likely the most popular of any athletic activity that is practiced barefoot, and its popularity continues to expand among different social circles.

Yoga has also not succumbed to the constraints of trendiness like so many other popular. As popular exercise fads continue to come and go, Yoga's presence continues to grow.

So...why is Yoga so truly popular?

  • Yoga can start doing yoga at any age. Students and teachers from age 20 to 90 are not hard to find
  • Yoga will compliment any exercise work out. Pro football players, baseball players and martial artists are all practitioners of yoga.
  • Yoga's vastness provides something for everyone. There are hundreds of yoga poses which provide different opportunities for all different kinds of people.
  • Yoga brings harmony between the minds and body. Other exercise methods require the body be a slave of the mind, or the mind to be subdued by the body. Yoga requires connection and partnership between the mind and body, so the practitioner receives spiritual energy on a higher lever and at greater intensity.