Thursday, November 20, 2014

Barefoot Running's Newest program

America's most successful barefoot running coach has invited us to a new program called mindful running.

Coach Michael Sandler invites you to join him. I learned from him, and you can to.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Eternal Positive-Barefoot on Your Yoga Mat

This article by yours truly recently appeared on 

Yogasync lets you take your Yoga class to your hotel room or anywhere else.

Just as going barefoot for part of everyday helps you get spiritually grounded, a daily yoga practice takes the next step to a much better life.

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Eternal Positiveop

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Barefoot singer woos London

What is it about being barefoot in London that seems to attract so much attention?

We're not sure either-we just know it seems to keep happening.

Singer Sammie Jay isn't new to the London music scene, but when she was singing barefoot in the street just days ago, it wooed tons of onlookers and an onlooker's impromptu video of her went viral.

Headlines and Global News picked it up and so did Viralnova. Granted, Jay is not difficult to look at, but her voice is the real things as she belts out her original song "Killing Me Slowly".

Sammy Jay can be seen and for video link

See image at Flicker Hive Mind


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Barefoot Archives-When pop signers got into barefooting-New York Times

The New York Times picked this up back in 1998.  A good, quick read.....

How many pop singers opted to go barefoot on stage and found it did the trick?

CLICK and find out!

Pop sensations included Bjork, No Doubt and more.......

Doting mother: The 44-year-old singer sported ripped denim jeans and a grey sweatshirt, which boasted a black and white stripy T-shirt underneath
Then and now...Gwen Stefani made notes performing barefoot when she was lead singer of No Doubt back in 1998. British newspaper The Daily Mail caught her barefoot off-stage just recently-CLICK to read article in Daily Mail (by Sharnaz Shahid)and see pics by


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Barefooter's bling-Cool sandals with snap-on beads.....

Lena Phoenix shows off some sandal bling!

Ladies are loving the customizable bracelets from Pandora.

So how about snap-on charms for sandals????

They are here!!!! They are courtesy of Xeroshoes, maker of the original barefoot running sandal that now has many fashion options, including snap-on charms....we love it!!!!

Xeroshoes Sandal Charms can be found by clicking the link on Almost Barefoot) no offers quite a bit of bling for the original barefoot sandals that are as practical as they are cool.

The offer of extra charms, on sale, comes Xeroshoes co-founder Lena Phoenix, who is celebrating her birthday this weekend.

As well as being a successful businesswoman who runs Xeroshoes with her husband, Steven Sashen, Lena is also a published author and an inspiration to women and to everyone who knows her.

Happy Birthday, Lena, from Almost Barefoot!

Xeroshoes has remained true to the principles of beneficial, barefoot running and exercise and was the first to produce a true minimalist sandal that allows your feet to move free of restriction as if you have no shoes on. They also continue to contribute to the benefit of the inspirational creators of barefoot sandals, the Native American Tarahumara tribe.

By the way, there is no shortage of cool barefoot sandals for men at Xeroshoes. While many who sell cool fitness gear tend to forget that men exist or that men might actually want stuff in colors other than dark blue or black, Xeroshoes has loots of good stuff.

One of many cool sandal options available for men. Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

How to buy barefoot sandals

Check out this link. I supported Steven' research as alive subject when these sandals were first created. Here, Steven explains the science behind choosing barefoot sandals.

The video also gives quick, concise insight.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Barefoot Shoes Get Bashed in Britain

Barefoot running shoes continue to pique curiosity around the world, and in Britain, where barefoot running is quite popular, the well-known Virbam "toe shoes" have undergone some scrutiny.
Vibram FiveFingers Wearer Stories
An ad for the popular Virbam Five Fingers "Toe Shoes" that are very poplar among minimalist runners

Vibram previously made claims that barefoot shoes can lead to better health, claims that have no when rescinded as law suits have been filed, according to a report last week in the British paper the Telegraph.

The law suits came from across the Pond, from the USA, and additional statements in the Telegraph by running coach James Cracknell, himself an accomplished British professional runner, said he'd use the shoes for training but not racing.

Different coaches quoted in the Telegraph reference the possibility of injury from minimalist running shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers. But the article, or the coaches who commented, didn't elaborate on the types of injuries that could occur.

The most obvious injuries do come from fatigue in muscles made "lazy" by shoes. Any coach who advises you on barefoot running will stress that you should stick with your shoes for most of your run until you've logged lost of barefoot miles-such as running the last mile of a ten mile run-after you've worked your way up from the last quarter mile. Ankle muscles don;t move much in normal shoes and must be developed slowly.

This advise doesn't just come from the experienced barefoot runner who wrote this post, it also comes from his coach-Michael Sandler, one of the world's best-know barefoot runners.