Sunday, July 5, 2015

Barfuss in Deutschland...ein gut Dokumentarilm

Guttentag, mein barfuss Deutsch fruenden!

Geniessen deiser Dokumentarilm!

Urban barefooting


Go barefoot in the EU-lots of use full information

The nations of the EU seem to be ahead of the game when it comes to acknowledging the health benefits of taking off your shoes to exercise and just take a break.

Here is a great site with lots of resources for bare footing year-round in the EU.



Friday, May 15, 2015

Barefoot in Russia

We've done a few stories about going barefoot in Russia, and we're about to do more.

Almost Barefoot has done stories about barefooters around the globe, now we're about to go global ourselves as Almost Barefoot posts get translated into Russian.

How cool is this? We can't wait to tell you more.

Russian author Igor Rezun has invited us. Igor is a friend and business cohort of Olga Gavva, who we interviewed and wrote about back in 2013.

 Below, we see Igor on a barefoot walk with Olga in 2011. Olga is also the head of a ballet company, among other things. Ballet is a huge part of Russia's rich, artistic heritage.
To the right, Olga sits for a fun pic which we published last year/

No matter what your take on barefooting, one has to be impressed by a person who can walk barefoot for any length in the winter in St. Petersburg, where temperatures often dip to 20 below zero .

Da Svidanya.....and Blessings!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Woman drives with her feet-it is NOT what you think!

With all the talk of self-driven cars lately, seeing car that you can drive without your hands isn't such an odd idea, but could you drive this one?

Watch this barefoot woman drive it-she makes it look so easy.....


We're still seeking more info on the sources; all we know is that the video was posted by an African writer named Abibu Latifu.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Barefoot Running Is Like Yoga's Cousin

Running barefoot opens a whole new world.

Barefoot fitness's oldest surviving discipline is Yoga.

You will quickly find that barefoot running and Yoga are inherently connected.

Coach Michael Sandler

The world's most-famous barefoot runner and barefoot running coach agrees-so does the president of the Runbare Company.

Runbare president Jessica Lee
That's why they asked me to write this.........

"Stretch before a big workout. It’s the oldest advice in the athletic world. So it shouldn’t be a secret that the science of Yoga, an ancient discipline that’s all about stretching would have a connection with running. But why?
"It’s true that running is the only traditional sport in today’s world that rivals Yoga in terms of age. Competitive running is as old as the Olympics, which date back to pre-700 BC.

Yoga as we know it today has been practiced for just as long. To find the connection, we have to ask a question: Just how did people run back in the days of ancient Greece, where competitive running was born?
The answer: They ran barefoot...."

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Driving Barefoot-With No Arms!

This isn't a statement of rebellion or about being barefoot to stand out (pardon the pun!) A man who has no arms learned to drive a car with his feet-and passed the official driving test.

Like my running coach, Michael Sandler, who is the only man to run the Bolder Boulder on crutches due to a shattered leg, 26-year old Gatis Cuanitis of Riga, Latvia doesn't acknowledge the word "can't".

Gatis Caunitis from Latvia, who has passed his driving test, despite having no legs, and having to use his feet to steer the car 
Armless Latvian driver Gatis Caunitis shows off his driver's license-photo in Mail Online (Daily Mail UK)

This fall, Gatis passed the official driving test and can operate every feature of his car using only his feet.

Read the whole story by CLICKING HERE

Drive On! Walk On! Live!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Barefoot Running's Newest program

America's most successful barefoot running coach has invited us to a new program called mindful running.

Coach Michael Sandler invites you to join him. I learned from him, and you can to.

Read more and register by clicking HERE