Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Cure For Cold Feet

Many would like to go barefoot more often, but a common complaint is shared by many who don’t…
“I would, but my feet get cold…”

Cold feet are the result of reduced blood circulation in the feet. Our feet get compressed by our shoes and the blood vessels get restricted.

Good news: this can be reversed and wildly improved upon…

Start by dong more Yoga....take a short, brisk walk in your shoes first to warm up

Remember something else that also helps.........Summer is here. Go barefoot all the time at home, and especially on the patio and the walkway that’s warmed by the sun.

Keep a Yoga mat in a convenient place and do some poses throughout the day while doing chores etc.

What else can help? …Shoes that bend with your feet when you walk......and mimic going barefoot.

My personal favorite are Xeroshoes. I was part of the original experiment that later led to their mass production. They are tried and true. Xeroshoes started the trend for barefoot sandals that has made many followers in the market, the selection is huge.


What’s even better…you don’t have to sacrifice looking cool-in fact, Xeroshoes offer great-looking options for less than most others.

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