Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fashionable Minimalist Shoes for Summer!

Minimalist Shoes Get New Look for Spring

Minimalist shoes are getting a new look this year-which is good news for a lot of reasons...

For those who don't dig sandals or who spend lots of time in places where they can't wear sandals, these shoes offer all the benefits of barefoot sandals with a close-toed shoe.

They come from Xeroshoes, the original maker of barefoot running sandals that became popular after the release of popular running book Born To Run. While the hype about barefoot running has quieted, the demand for better running shoes-be they sandals or proper running shoes that actually let your feet move naturally, has not.

Nor has Xeroshoes slowed in its growth and success. When it's owner, Lena Phoenix, and her husband, Steven Sashen, professional sprinter who is dubbed the "world's Fastest Jew over 50" ditched Shark Tank's stingy investment offer, their growth only took off.

Forbes Magazine profiled Xeroshoes and gives details of the company's real growth and their strong position in the global shoe market.

As part of the original experiment that led to the production of Xeroshoes-a project that started ten years ago, I'm excited for the new stuff, and attest that the original sandals are still just as awesome!

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