Sunday, July 6, 2014

Barefooter's bling-Cool sandals with snap-on beads.....

Lena Phoenix shows off some sandal bling!

Ladies are loving the customizable bracelets from Pandora.

So how about snap-on charms for sandals????

They are here!!!! They are courtesy of Xeroshoes, maker of the original barefoot running sandal that now has many fashion options, including snap-on charms....we love it!!!!

Xeroshoes Sandal Charms can be found by clicking the link on Almost Barefoot) no offers quite a bit of bling for the original barefoot sandals that are as practical as they are cool.

The offer of extra charms, on sale, comes Xeroshoes co-founder Lena Phoenix, who is celebrating her birthday this weekend.

As well as being a successful businesswoman who runs Xeroshoes with her husband, Steven Sashen, Lena is also a published author and an inspiration to women and to everyone who knows her.

Happy Birthday, Lena, from Almost Barefoot!

Xeroshoes has remained true to the principles of beneficial, barefoot running and exercise and was the first to produce a true minimalist sandal that allows your feet to move free of restriction as if you have no shoes on. They also continue to contribute to the benefit of the inspirational creators of barefoot sandals, the Native American Tarahumara tribe.

By the way, there is no shortage of cool barefoot sandals for men at Xeroshoes. While many who sell cool fitness gear tend to forget that men exist or that men might actually want stuff in colors other than dark blue or black, Xeroshoes has loots of good stuff.

One of many cool sandal options available for men. Enjoy!

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