Thursday, August 27, 2015

Runners' Yoga-Five Minutes to pain-free running

The author is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a barefoot runner

Are you a runner? 
                               Do you get aches in your IT bands?
                                                                    How about your hips, knees, and ankles?

Is it happening even though you have good form and you're letting your feet move properly?

The likely cause is the fact that muscles on one side of your body are short than they are on the other. This is quite typical. We have a dominant side and we live in a world where the location of doorknobs, the height of desks can be enough to exacerbate such in balances.

The good news is that five minutes of yoga each day can fix it.

  • Tree pose
  • Victorious warrior pose
  • Reverse triangle pose
  • Kripalu half-moon (standing side stretch) pose
These are all you need. Now, the link will take you to another site, but there are no aggressive sales pitches or junk waiting for you. 

There is just a short article about a successful, five-minute program I taught to a marathon runner then-plus years ago that has worked for many other people since then.


"I started teaching Yoga ten years ago. Shortly after teaching my firsts classes as a certified yoga teacher, I created a program for a marathon runner who was curious about what yoga could do for her. She complained about common runner’s pains-aches in the hips, ankles and knees and asked for a “prescription” yoga routine to help her out."

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