Monday, September 23, 2013

Barefooting for meaning-"It's more than just taking off my shoes" -Barefoot Angie Bee

Barefoot Angie Bee is an ordinary woman, and as we look at her life, that's what makes her rather extraordinary.
 "Barefoot running is a philosophy.  Its more than just taking off my shoes" says Angie, who also practices Yoga.

Barefoot running and walking has a way of re-connecting us to the pulse of the Universe, and then we start to remember what matters.

" Its a way of looking at things clearly instead of muffled by shoes or any other kind of cover up we might have for ourselves.  I strive to learn and grow and try to accept myself as the whole person that I am now, past, present, and future," Aggie says.

"In June of 2009 I began barefoot running after suffering from chronic lower back pain and shin splints.  I ditched the shoes and have never had back problems again.   I ran a barefoot marathon as well as many other race distances  barefoot.  Its is very joyful and fun to do.  I started running to cope with every day stress that goes with mothering and life in general. "

Angie is a mother of four boys, one of who, has autism, and wife to a firefighter. She now coaches other runners as well.

Almost Barefoot salutes this ordinary, amazing woman, not only for running barefoot marathons, but for reminding us of how much we can be. Learn more about her, and we will surely learn more about ourselves, and in a positive way.

Pictures courtesy of Angie Bee Hotz

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