Monday, September 2, 2013

Global Barefooter-Barefoot in France

What is the principle of walking the barefoot path?

Its a prerogative that's taking hold all over Europe, and one of the newest barefoot parks is now open in France!

"It’s a current activity in Germany or Austria. The Sentier pieds nus du Lac Blanc is a friendly place for all the family. The 1,2 kilometer path is secure to bare foot walking, but also manage with naturel elements of the woods : pine apple, shaving, barks, stones or sand. During the walk, you will discover the richness of all your senses and the natural environment and inhabitants of the Vosges",

reads the website for France's newest barefoot parks, the Sentier pieds nus du Lac Blanc . It is a anew addition to the larger LeBlanc Adventure Park.

We found the park while researching the perspective of going barefoot in France. It would appear that this European nation's perspective depends largely on the individual and the household where one resides.

We've love to hear more perspectives from our French visitors. Until then, au revoir!

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