Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barefoot and Powerful

Being barefoot means lots of different things.

Among the old, negative connotations was the saying "barefoot and pregnant". Everyone knows it was an insinuation of oppressing women.

As women in the Western World become more and more able to choose their own life path, the negative connotation to the idea has diminished some. Stay-at-home mom isn't a dirty word, so long as it is the woman's free choice.

If a woman is in charge of herself and her own life, then, well, that's what matters, no matter what kind of shoes she's wearing, or not wearing.

So we can see, now, the idea of a barefoot woman symbolizing real power, pregnant or not pregnant.

Of course, we still rarely talk about the idea that God could be woman.

But in most pre-Christian and Pre-Islamic societies, as well as most non-Islamic societies in Asia, God was indeed worshiped as a woman. The statue you see below is a replica of many examples of statues un-Earthed by archaeologists in Europe.

But look at the next one, which represents some of many un-Earthed is Asia, and it is remarkably similar. Her feet are missing, but like with most Goddess statues un-Earthed throughout the world, she is naked, so it can be presumed she is also barefoot, as many complete statues found have proved.

Perhaps we are slowly returning to where the woman is barefoot and for thought!


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