Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barefoot and Powerful..the series

Almost Barefoot will bringing you a series of interviews in the coming weeks. The interviewees are successful women who are empowered by their own positive actions.
The first four women are Yoga teachers who explain how one of the world's oldest barefoot activities that survives in the modern world helped them to empower themselves and see themselves in a positive light.
Paula Van Alstine

Sarah Lowenstein
Susan Morgaine Sumora Stanley

Charlotte Cressey

NOTE: I'm living proof that Yoga works just as well for men in terms of getting strong both physically and mentally, and having a better outlook toward themselves, toward other people and toward life in general. The men who do come to my Yoga classes keep coming week after week. Some have said they were initially hesitant because Yoga classes are usually filled with women, but once they started coming to class, they forgot all about that.

Almost Barefoot supports the positive empowerment of all humans. Female empowerment is absolutely essential to the future of this world. Women have been muted for many centuries and were left unable to contribute even a fraction of what they were capable of contributing to this world to make it a better place for every human being and every animal.

And so.....................rock on, my sisters! Keep kicking a@# and keep achieving and sharing your strength.

Thank you.

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