Sunday, November 23, 2014

Driving Barefoot-With No Arms!

This isn't a statement of rebellion or about being barefoot to stand out (pardon the pun!) A man who has no arms learned to drive a car with his feet-and passed the official driving test.

Like my running coach, Michael Sandler, who is the only man to run the Bolder Boulder on crutches due to a shattered leg, 26-year old Gatis Cuanitis of Riga, Latvia doesn't acknowledge the word "can't".

Gatis Caunitis from Latvia, who has passed his driving test, despite having no legs, and having to use his feet to steer the car 
Armless Latvian driver Gatis Caunitis shows off his driver's license-photo in Mail Online (Daily Mail UK)

This fall, Gatis passed the official driving test and can operate every feature of his car using only his feet.

Read the whole story by CLICKING HERE

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