Friday, January 9, 2015

Barefoot Running Is Like Yoga's Cousin

Running barefoot opens a whole new world.

Barefoot fitness's oldest surviving discipline is Yoga.

You will quickly find that barefoot running and Yoga are inherently connected.

Coach Michael Sandler

The world's most-famous barefoot runner and barefoot running coach agrees-so does the president of the Runbare Company.

Runbare president Jessica Lee
That's why they asked me to write this.........

"Stretch before a big workout. It’s the oldest advice in the athletic world. So it shouldn’t be a secret that the science of Yoga, an ancient discipline that’s all about stretching would have a connection with running. But why?
"It’s true that running is the only traditional sport in today’s world that rivals Yoga in terms of age. Competitive running is as old as the Olympics, which date back to pre-700 BC.

Yoga as we know it today has been practiced for just as long. To find the connection, we have to ask a question: Just how did people run back in the days of ancient Greece, where competitive running was born?
The answer: They ran barefoot...."

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