Friday, July 22, 2016

Barefoot and Powerful-Meet a Powerful Woman Who is....

Charlotte Cressey is someone who is quietly changing the world while totally being herself. On the same day that might you see her dancing barefoot on the beach, you’ll find her carrying a clip board, taking information and giving instructions. She’s an activist and a teacher, and the newest addition to the Barefoot and Powerful series that Almost Barefoot started two years ago.

Charlotte was a vegetarian before she was ten and a vegan by her mid-teens. Before she was 30, she was a globally-recognized speaker and an authority on animal rights and feminism. The two causes, she says, are inherently linked, and she speaks simultaneously for humanity and for animals each time she’s at the podium.

“We are committed to co-creating a kinder world for all beings and helping people learn to live in harmony with each other and the Earth,” says Charlotte on her website, www.charlotte

Ecofeminism, which, as an idea and an ideal Charlotte focuses on, says that the exploitation of animals and women are connected in a social mentality that focuses on exploitation, hence the social mentality that condones destroying the environment for humanity’s personal gains. Charlotte is committed to changing the world to one where Ecofeminism is a social norm.

What’s different about her presentations is that, even as a powerful feminist, and one who is not afraid to say so, (ask her about God and she’ll tell you about how to see God as a woman), she is committed to a kind approach. Her tone is one that sticks to being kind, and still, she draws and keeps the crown engaged. Even if she’s in a street protest, she stays committed to a kind approach, and even she’s speaking while wearing a dress and heels in a formal ballroom, she won’t likely be shaking her fist.

Instead, she’ll be raising her hands gracefully as she leads her audience with Yogic breathing techniques and brings the whole crowd together before she speaks of deep topics like feminism and the environment. Attending her speech means going to Yoga while you’re at it.

We’re going to visit more with Charlotte, who has been unavailable for interviews, which we hoped to finish before our own summer break, but Almost Barefoot promises more to come. We want to know how Yoga has helped Charlotte empower herself, so that you can too. We are committed to empowering women and thus empowering all of society for positive change, and we’ll be back in early August.




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