Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why is Yoga so popular?

Yoga is likely the most popular of any athletic activity that is practiced barefoot, and its popularity continues to expand among different social circles.

Yoga has also not succumbed to the constraints of trendiness like so many other popular. As popular exercise fads continue to come and go, Yoga's presence continues to grow.

So...why is Yoga so truly popular?

  • Yoga can start doing yoga at any age. Students and teachers from age 20 to 90 are not hard to find
  • Yoga will compliment any exercise work out. Pro football players, baseball players and martial artists are all practitioners of yoga.
  • Yoga's vastness provides something for everyone. There are hundreds of yoga poses which provide different opportunities for all different kinds of people.
  • Yoga brings harmony between the minds and body. Other exercise methods require the body be a slave of the mind, or the mind to be subdued by the body. Yoga requires connection and partnership between the mind and body, so the practitioner receives spiritual energy on a higher lever and at greater intensity.

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