Monday, January 25, 2016

Barefoot in Japan-and enduring perspective

A few years ago, the idea of having little kids wear shoes in school was pondered in Japan.

Almost Barefoot learned that the idea was shot down...err.. handily.

British podiatrist Tracy Byrne discovered this while studying the condition of children's health in Japan, where their conservative culture encourages going barefoot, or going Almost Barefoot with slippers in every home and inmost public buildings.

Byrne's 2013 article explains that children do go barefoot at school-parents shot down the idea of sending kids shod inside, she explains. They go barefoot on the playground, and clean up for class in hands-free footwash stations.

As for most grown-ups, people go almost barefoot by wearing socks or slippers indoors. Some travelers advise bringing extra socks.

Learn more about Tracy, barefoot extraordinaire at her site

Read her whole article by clicking here


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