Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Barefoot and Powerful-A Woman's Journey to Power Through Love

It's true that "female empowerment" is a buzzword these days, and that everyone is talking about it because the idea is popular.  For Charlotte Cressey, an well-known feminist and activist, the idea is no exception to her list of priorities; but Charlotte says her priorities all come back to something that's more than just an idea; she's talking about Universal Love.

Charlotte will be one of eight speakers at this year's West Coast Ecofeminist Conference, while she is the anchor sponsor. The conference is about more than popular political perspectives. Ecofeminism, loosely defined, takes us beyond just women's suffrage and asks us to look beyond the need to dominate others before we can have a sense of self worth. To engage Ecofeminism is to make ourselves evolve beyond a world whose social model depends on exploiting others.

We all know that it is possible to operate a profitable business and still have morality; we all know that people can respect each other's boundaries and still find prosperity for their own. The conference also focuses on the theme of a vegan lifestyle, which Charlotte has practiced since her teens. She was not even ten years old when she stopped eating meat. To have a compassionate heart is to consider the welfare of animals before deciding what to eat or what to wear. By making compassion-based decisions, one fights the battle to change the world by showing love, she explains.

Charlotte has also practiced Yoga for many years. Among the many tenets of Yoga as a lifestyle in practice is to show love to one self and others.

The physical practice of Yoga prompts the practitioner start to feel its positive effects as soon as you move into any pose. The awakening is as simple as when you take off your shoes and touch the ground barefoot. The energy you connect with on the ground is immediately more powerful, and so are you.

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