Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barefoot in Boston

I can't deny homesickness that sets in this time of year.

What I wouldn't do to be able to kick through piles of fallen or not!  But the cool Earth that's still warm enough for bare feet gives us that awakening we need to feel renewed with the change of each season.

Almost Barefoot salutes Boston area barefooters and their growing event that happens each year in the Hub at the Boston Barefoot Running Festival.  Boston is a birthplace for American freedom. Blessings to the soldiers, some of whom were barefoot in the middle of winter in battle, for giving us our freedom.

And to everyone since then who has made our awesome barefoot lifestyle possible.....

Thank you!

It's ever too early to start planning for next year's festival, just as it's not too late to get some great, barefoot fall runs in!   Contact New England Barefoot Runners for more info about next year's festival!

Slide Four: Charles River
Barefoot KenBob Saxton lectures by the Charles River in Boston.  Photo

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