Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Barefoot Shoes-it just keeps getting better!

We were going to wait until the spring to review these wonderful sandals, it being the end of sandal season. But then again, you might be in a house or a building with a cold floor....oh, well, let's just be honest here.

Stepping out, Almost Barefoot, on the cold pavement. Summer clogs make great fall and winter shoes for barefooters!

We are barefooters. We wear shoes when we must, and wear none when we can. When it's rather cold to go barefoot and most folks will wear boots etc., then that's when we'll likely wear sandals.

So.....I hereby decree that sandal season has been extended....for the whole winter. 

Renewal is free, just like membership. Sandals season automatically renews in the spring.

And anyway, spring has just begun in the Southern Hemisphere, so we don't want to be biased.

About summer clogs....................

I had just finished teaching a Yoga class when a student asked me about how to keep her balance as good as it is during Yoga class when she's out and about.

We discussed how the foot spreads out to its natural shape when un-shod. She showed me her new running shoes and said they were ok but not that great. I told her I wear clogs or wide sandals all the time-all the time that I'm not going barefoot.

 I showed her my Berlin clogs that I had worn that day and then she mentioned a wonderful shoe she used to wear long ago: Dr. Scholl's sandals.

These shoes are the best! They allow complete, unrestricted movement of the foot and even help you tone your ankles and calves-a must for anyone who wants to live Almost Barefoot. They give you a boost in height, they make noise when you want them to-lots of noise if you're looking for fun, and can give you a bit of authority as you declare your presence.

And they just feel great. It's like being barefoot with your shoes on. Plus, on cool fall days, they go great with jeans

I call them "summer clogs". They were known as "exercise sandals" back in the late 1970s when they were introduced.  They are far more popular in Europe and are worn by men AND women. My beloved USA, my home and my favorite place in the world, does have horribly backward men's fashion, hence the reason you won't find them bigger than a size nine if you are male-the equivalent of a European 42. Guys can wear them with jeans and when I do, I get nothing but compliments.

Luckily for fashion-forward guys who like living Almost Barefoot, our brethren in Germany have us covered, plus, they offer additional options for our sisters worldwide. Thanks again to Berlin Clogs for having these type of sandals in mens' sizes (you can't get Dr. Scholl's bigger than a men's nine).

If you could get these now, would you wait until summer to wear them? They'll get you through to the next barefoot season!

Wooden sandal red
And for all the ladies who would rather be barefoot, you can be Almost Barefoot in these for sure-of course, DR. Scholl's also offers you countless choices!


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