Monday, October 21, 2013

Barefoot Lifestyle-Real Meaning

Going barefoot attracts most who do it because it feels natural. Our cultural norms have insulated us from the natural world in so many ways that when we first take off our shoes, we can't even decipher for ourselves why it feels right to go barefoot. It just does.

Barefoot Lifestyle-keeping it real. Adopting a barefoot life style means different things to different people. There are some who actually do it all the time and somehow manage to be in the working world without penalty, and who never seem to need to use a public bathroom. But beyond this is the idea that a barefoot lifestyle is somehow defining the person who lives it. It becomes a code that can kill the buzz that feeling freedom gave us when we started to go barefoot.

Going barefoot is natural. Going barefoot is healthy. Keep it that way.

Don't make going barefoot such a hard and fast rule. Going barefoot isn't as cut and dry as other principles we cherish. It's never right to be racist, and it's never right to prey on the innocent, but there are legitimate reasons to wear shoes-maybe working in a kitchen, a factory or elsewhere.

This isn't about being "soft" on the idea that barefoot is better. But if we make it a rule that we must go barefoot all the time, then we're binding ourselves to a rule that we give no thought to. In doing so, we become bound to the rule in the same way our culture has always been bound to the idea that we must wear shoes.

So go barefoot when you can, but keep it real. Always.


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