Monday, November 4, 2013

Barefoot in Italy

We salute our Italian readers, and thank them for the fact that our Italian readership is growing along with out international traffic.

Your comments on the barefoot lifestyle, especially in you home country, are always welcome.

We did a quick web search to see what we could find about barefooting in Italy. So far, we haven't found much, sad to say, so there's little to comment on the barefoot lifestyle and how Italians look at it. Since Italians do make some of the best shoes int he world, it may be interesting to hear the perspective.

We did spy actress Kelly Brook going barefoot in Italy this year.

It seems that Kelly loves to go barefoot, seemingly wherever she goes...who can blame her?
Here's Kelly again, barefoot in Italy with her boyfriend, Tom Evans.

Here she is, barefoot again..hey, that's not Tom!   Well, we're only up on barefooting, not Hollywood gossip.
Kelly Brook Wears New Look Dresses as Skirts
Pacific Coast News

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