Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anatomy of a Stride-Barefoot Running Techniques to prevent injuries.

It's funny, British visits to our site dropped since we celebrated their large numbers....Malaysians have taken second place behind the USA and the Germans are nipping at their heels.

Barefoot running continues to enjoy popularity, but many still want to know why.

It's time to introduce Colin Seymour, the "Mostly Barefoot Runner."  He helps us see the science of barefoot running in simple terms by the sites he helped us find.

Colin does his own thing, that's for sure. He started running at 11, finished his first marathon at 18, and subsequently suffered many of the nasty injuries runners typically suffer from wearing typical running shoes and poor running techniques.

He later took to running barefoot and continues to recover. He advocates the POSE running method and connects us to an excellent website that explains the elements of a proper running stride with and excellent narrative video called Anatomy of a Stride.

The POSE Method is worth a good look and should be shared, just like the joys of barefoot running for health!


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