Saturday, November 23, 2013

Barefoot running in Malaysia

Hello, everyone.......and......Hello Malaysian Readers!

We're getting lots of traffic from Malaysia and we're looking forward to learning more about going barefoot in Malaysia, barefoot running in Malaysia and learning more from the people there.

It appears barefoot running is pretty popular in Malaysia and we'd love to hear feedback from runners there.

Jason Thai is a resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital, and he's avid runner. His name came up in a web search on barefooting in Malaysia, but we've yet to see him without shoes.

We know two things: barefoot running seems quite welcome in Malaysia, and the sport of running is very, very popular there among men and women.

Siong Yueng Cheah is a Malaysian barefoot runner who is connected to the Barefoot Runners' Society who brings us the good news. He's 34.

"I come from Malaysia and barefoot running it's already quite popular among runners here.
There are few prominent full BF marathon and ultra marathon runners in Malaysia.

"I have been barefooting for 2 years now, and ready for my first full marathon in the coming October," he wrote back in August. 

We couldn't find a newer post as of yet, but hopefully, his ran first marathon last month as intended!

We're glad to see barefooting around the globe, and for all of our readers who have stopped by!


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