Sunday, December 1, 2013

Barefoot living-new stuff we found from Germany

Living barefoot means different things-for those who aren't doing it for lack of shoes, it seems most favored in Germany and in central Europe. Almost Barefoot's latest stats show visits from Poland have increase five fold. Our German readership also remains strong.

There will be more to come about living barefoot in Poland, and what barefoot living means to Poland's remarkably resilient culture that was first to flush communism out of Europe; I fondly remember that day-news of Soviet officials who called Mikhail Gorbachev and asked what they should do about Poland and it's intent to break connection with the USSR-and he told them: [do] "nothing". It was a done deal.

And I remember watching, with exuberance, as the people of Germany started tearing down the Berlin Wall with sledge hammers, and reading how East Germans ran from their cars-left running for anyone to take as the border opened. Soon after, there was no more East Germany and West Germany-one country's aweful separation had finally begun to heal.

Maybe the people of both cultures dig barefooting because they really love their freedom. I'm not sure. I just know I'm grateful to their readers for stopping by and for the contributions they are making to barefoot fitness that can help us heal the injuries that come from our cultural bad habits that constrain us despite our freedom!

But I promise, I'll step-barefoot-OFF of my soap box and get back to business!

Almost Barefoot would like to introduce a German barefooter who because a recent connection-Burkhard Reinberg, His website, Barfuss Trend is celebrating its tenth-year anniversary and it is yet another great resource for barefooters who seek to learn more, and for those runners who are still in shoes but are barefoot curious. The website is posted in German, but translates easily on most PCs.

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Barefoot running has found a permanent niche in the global running community. It is debatable whether shoes manufacturers and the rest of the established world will make barefoot running remain a niche as opposed to the preferred approach for future runners. But barefoot living, or living Almost Barefoot is more than barefoot running.
Burkhard Reinberg
Burkhard Reinberg
Burkhard Reinberg's book, "BigFoot", which he published in 2011, emphasizes working out barefoot for health in general. I is well known that exercising barefoot increases blood circulation in the feet and helps keep the feet from getting cold-the net result is better blood flow through the legs and better circulation in the whole body.

Barefoot workouts are all about allowing the natural bio-mechanics of the body to function and that makes the body function better-properly may be a much better word here. Burkhard is active in fitness training in Germany where barefoot training, also known increasingly as "natural fitness" of all types is becoming ever more popular.
Burkhard Reinberg himself suffered from numerous foot issues that plague the western world and cause sever back issues and other, numerous injuries. He helped coin the term "natural fitness" by establishing a company by the same name in 2010. The Natural Fitness approach also pays attention to diet, self-hypnosis and more. Check out the website for lots of great information and remember to have barefoot time even as winter is setting in.

Auf Wiedersehen!  ..........und Blessings!

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