Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barefoot and Paleo-meet the crew!

Barefoot Heidi was introduced to you last week. It's great to have a positive person to give a good image to barefooting's many real benefits. And it's great to have a woman as positive, energetic leader.

Almost Barefoot would like to introduce the rest of the crew from Barefoot and Paleo. I, personally, am barefoot an vegan, but I am compelled to recognize that long-term planetary sustainability requires the contributions of many people who have different perspectives. 

While some differences exist between the vegan and paleo philosophy, there is a common bond evident here with Barefoot and Paleo, which makes frugality and sustainability high priorities of life. My compliments! 

So, without further adieu, I'd like to introduce the rest of Heidi;s crew at Barefoot and Paleo-three more beautiful people who care about making our world a better place!

In the background is Barefoot Heidi (left) and her husband "Semi Barefoot" James, her ardent supporter who also works with Heide in the real estate and design business, and their sons, Barefoot Tynan and Barefoot Indio. They spend a lot of time outside and enjoy a diet of natural foods.

James explains how clean, natural eating, and the natural body detox that it provides people, changed his life, and that he lost 50 pounds over the course of a year by making the change, and he described his weight loss as "effortless".

A natural diet for our planet will help it be healthier, too. But that can only happen with our doing.

Thank you to Barefoot Heidi and her family, and Happy New Year to All!

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