Saturday, December 21, 2013

A successful woman isn't defined by her shoes!

Heidi goes barefoot for the Green Gala at the Ritz

Powerful women are frequently portrayed as women who wear high heels. But we should look beyond this.

OK. As a straight man, I really don't mind seeing a woman in heels, especially if she has chosen those shoes for herself and if she likes how she looks when wearing the and loves who she is.

I also know heels aren't "practical", but sometimes we humans need to have some impractical thing because they're fun. I like lots of things that aren't practical but which bring me enjoyment. And women still like to wear them for fun and because they like them with an outfit. More power to them!

I'm not picking on successful women who wear heels, either. But as women become increasingly successful, and more women achieve success, the definition of successful, empowered women becomes more diverse.

OK-I'll cut to the chase. A successful, empowered woman need not be defined by her shoes.
Heidi Fiscus is a business executive and design consultant who is successful and empowered in every way. She is VP of Marketing at Vireo Corp. IN Charlotte, NC Almost Barefoot has cyber adopted her as "Barefoot Heidi". And Heidi doesn't wear high heels even though she fits the definition of high-powered. In fact, she doesn't wear shoes at all. More power to her! She started going barefoot more often for health reasons and cured her own joint pain, and about five months ago, she decided to start going barefoot in public.

Heidi takes good care of her feet, keeps them clean and well-pedicured. In November, attended the Green Gala at the Ritz Carlton, complete with fancy dress-and no shoes. Well, she wore beautiful barefoot sandals-essentially ornaments that attach to your toes and ankles and provide ornate decoration for the feet while leaving the soles bare. Barefooting in public may be a bit of an oddity but in almost every case, it is not illegal.

You can read about barefooting in public at Barefoot and Paleo, the wonderful website we recently found where Heidi is one of a number of cool authors that Almost Barefoot will be introducing to you in our upcoming publications. Many of the alleged risks of barefooting in public are unsubstantiated. Rules are rules where they exist, so plan accordingly and don't start fights about it. Barefooters want to set positive examples if understanding of the benefits of barefooting anywhere is to increase.

Almost Barefoot encourages you to check out Barefoot and Paleo's many great publications, including Heidi's.

The barefoot woman is becoming a symbol of empowerment in our society today-and Almost Barefoot salutes Barefoot Heidi for helping make it happen!  It's often said that "the clothes don't make the man", and it's been said, today, that the shoes don't make the woman!

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