Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Barefoot Runner Says He's a New Man

How Paul kicked off his shoes and ran. I love these tales of first ever barefoot runs. Run Paul Run!
Barefoot runner Paul Beales

Paul Beales had been running with shoes for 40 years. Then he decided to try running barefoot.

"I kicked off my shoes and I ran-like kicking off 40 years!" 
Beales told the writers at Barefoot Beginner. 
When it comes to barefoot running, I'm not exactly a beginner. I was fortunate enough to start four years ago when Michael Sandler was still teaching lessons in Colorado. At that time, I was as much a newbie to barefoot running as Michael's girlfriend, Jessica Lee. Micheal Married Jessica a year later and they have since published two books-Barefoot Running and Barefoot Walking. Jessica is president of the Runbare Company, one of the original barefoot running training resources in the US. I've had the privilege of attending almost all of their local lectures.

Jessie taught us both a lot about ourselves and offered a fresh perspective on what was soon to be rapidly-growing trend. Michael was already a very well-established professional athlete. I was an ex-third-stringer who had run high school track decades before and never knew I had any ability as a runner-until I took my shoes off. She outruns us both.
Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee-Sandler
No matter how much you know, there is more to learn. Barefoot Beginner is an excellent resource for runners looking to start barefooting, and also for experienced barefooters who seek fresh perspectives. It's important to hear what newbies have to say-their fresh perspective helps widen the tunnel vision that experience can create for someone set in certain ways.

Check out Barefoot Beginner for links to coaching, events and resources as well as new posts from regular contributors. Connect on Facebook and chat with members of the group!

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