Saturday, December 21, 2013

Empowered Woman and Barefooter Extraordinaire-meet Barefoot Heidi

Meet Barefoot Heidi, Barefooter Extraordinaire.....much more to come soon!

Heidi Fiscus: A successful executive, an attentive mother and a devoted wife...who does it all while always barefoot.

Almost Barefoot would like to introduce Heidi Fiscus, who will be known around here as Barefoot Heidi.

There are a lot of reasons why Heidi is our barefoot celebrity of focus now.

She’s an all-around cool person and an amazing woman. 

Almost Barefoot strongly supports the empowerment of women and likes to profile strong, female role models who are successful, powerful and positive.

Heidi is all these things and more. She’s an entrepreneur, both businesswise and socially speaking, and she’s co-organizer of an awesome group of very positive barefooters who will be introduced on the Almost Barefoot site in the coming days.

Heidii also presents a very positive, constructive view of barefooting that is shared by her cohorts who will also be introduced soon!


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