Monday, April 21, 2014

Proof of Barefoot Running benefits British runner with 25 years experience speaks

Barefoot running may see, like a fad to some.
To others, barefoot running may be considered still too new to be credible.

But ask British runner Chris Fielding, and you'll find all the credibility the sport needs in order to prompt you to ditch your shoes.
Runner re-born-Chris Fielding now runs barefoot or in minimalist shoes all the time.

Profile: Chris Fielding
  • Country of residence: United Kingdom
  • Running experience: Over 25 years
Chris spent 25 years in conventional running shoes before they caught up with him and caused serious injuries. He explains his story in an exert from Barefoot Beginner that was also published on Barefoot Britain, which was founded by Tracy Davenport, who is also the author of the article where Chris tells his story. 
Tracy after the finish of the Brighton Half Marathon 

Tracey, ironically, sells shoes while running mostly barefoot (or shall we say: Almost Barefoot?) Specifically, she sells minimalist shoes that allow your foot to move freely as if it was unshod. She initially hooked Chris up with Xero Shoes-and excellent choice-I know from my own experience, and Chris was then hooked on minimalist (Almost Barefoot) running. He now runs freely without injury. 

Barefoot Britain continues to be an excellent source for runners world-wide, and especially for those British runners who seek up-close and personal advice to improve their barefoot running. Thank you, Chris and Tracy!


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