Thursday, April 10, 2014

The strangest barefoot activity ever....not at all dirty, but disturbingly weird!

The strangest barefoot activity ever....not at all dirty, as far as we can tell, but quite odd and potentially disturbing...but judgement shall be reserved!

Barefoot athletics includes the oldest barefoot athletic discipline, Yoga, but done with horses?

Yes.  Horse Yoga

Just plain weird.   The video is rather popular via the Huffington Post, You Tube and beyond.

Click for video........    conclude as you wish.

I'll just stick to Yoga on my mat, in a regular studio or gym with people, and ordinary barefoot running.

We're not talking about doing Yoga by your horse, like this woman who appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine along with some other people who actually do Yoga poses on horses-we're not talking about that either. Of course, that is worth seeing in Cosmo, so feel free to click and see.  

Have a Nice Day!

Article in Cosmo is by Dara Adeeyo.  

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