Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Barefooting not just for atheists and rebels or the non-conventional

Barefoot living, and Almost Barefoot living is often associated with rebellion or dis-convention.

Being barefoot doesn't necessarily make someone a unique individual in comparison to one who wears shoes any more than owning a BMW makes a person smarter than someone who drives a Chevy.  Nor does living in a studio apartment make you morally superior to a person who owns a five-bedroom house.

But folks in our culture who choose to go barefoot more often do tend to be more unconventional. Of course, unconventional is a relative term.

Take The Barefoot Hippie Girl who owns the associated website with the same name.

She'll tell you she's actually not a hippie, by society's definition. She is Christian, which many folks would say is conventional by Western standards.

Because she combines conventional and unconventional views into one viewpoint, she really stands out, pardon the pun, as an individual, who lives her life Almost Barefoot!

File:Hippie girl 1969.jpg
This isn't her.  To see the REAL Barefoot Hippie Girl, you'll have to go to her site!

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