Monday, March 25, 2013

Barefoot Fitness

Barefoot fitness is a new and growing trend that is expanding beyond the already-popular realm of Yoga and the increasingly-popular method for running, which I'll discuss in the next posting.

Tonight I'll be visiting a new fitness studio in Denver, CO called willPower FIT Studio which opened in January. The willPower (yes, this is how it is spelled) method was created by Stacey Lei Krauss, and combines many techniques to make an ideal cardio/muscle fitness workout.

And all of it is done barefoot. Need I say more?

The scientific basis for barefoot exercise is well respected here in the numerous programs that are offered. I'm excited to learn this method that blends Yoga with different techniques, and I'll be sharing my experience.

Above: willPower Fit Instructor and creator  Stacey Lei Krauss. Source: Barefoot Education by Virbam FiveFingers

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