Friday, March 22, 2013

Barefoot Running-Easier than you think!

With spring coming, I'm excited to get back to teaching runners the tricks to running in minimalist shoes, and better yet, running without shoes at all. If you're into walking without shoes, running isn't much different.

One difference, it's easier on your feet because when running, your step is actually lighter. There are other thing you need to know before taking it up full time.

I'll be sharing Technical Tidbits about barefoot running from time to time, as well some extensive information on my personal favorite-Yoga. The first programs you'll will be aimed at walkers and runners but are beneficial to every practitioner, even ones who don't even think about running.

Photo of Vincent by "Barefoot Scott" Jones at the Metro State College Veterans' 5K 2009
For some great running lectures from the nation's most famous barefoot runner, and the coach who trained me, check out Runebare company's website. Michael and Jessica will be touring and lecturing soon!

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