Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remebering you are alive...and going barefoot

Going barefoot has become a luxury. The best thing about it being a luxury? It is a luxury that is attainable.

Somewhere in our recent history, going barefoot got labeled as undesirable.  It happened in the mid twentieth century, when affluence from working eight to ten hours a day was attainable, and leisure time was more ample for the affluent middle class.

Since lacking shoes in the past symbolized lack of affluence, barefooting became a symbol of being in a lower class. Society also had a growing tendency to insulate humanity from nature, and barefooting became stigmatized as backward.

Fast forward to now. Rigid corporate codes have become the reality of the workplace, and for many, their job is their whole life. Those who exhibit obvious affluence work incessantly. And few own the businesses they work for, so they are certainly not likely to kick off their shoes.

To be able to go barefoot, just to have that time, is a luxury. So there's just one thing to say to advise anyone who must devote so much time to work life. As soon as you're away from it for the day, DITCH YOUR FOOTWEAR. Be conscious of your barefoot time, no matter what you are doing.

Remember you are alive and enjoy the time to be free.

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