Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A salute to a British barefooter

FEAT OF ENDURANCE: Kalantha Brewis’s charity walk.
Kalantha Brewis

Almost Barefoot would like to salute Kalantha Brewis, who we’ll call Barefoot Kalantha.  We found her while doing research on barefooting in Britain.

In 2010, she organized a fundraiser for a hospital in Ethiopia and walked barefoot for 35 miles from her home in Eckington the Birmingham Womens' Hospital to raise money and awareness of the needs of her sisters in Ethiopia who were affected by medical issues associated with child-birthing.

Ethiopia was ravaged by famine again and again in the past 40 years, but as of late has become a grain exporter. This remarkably-resilient culture has stood the test of time, having succeeded in repelling European colonizing efforts and leaving its mark on the world with the creation of the Rastafarian religion and more recently, the nation’s name is well known in coffee houses throughout the world as the African nation exports beans that brew coffees that we love. But for many Ethiopians, medicine, and even shoes, are a luxury.
Kalantha's own work supported the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Great Britain’s own great people are emulated by the actions of people like Barefoot Kalantha, and all of the people who donated to her cause.

Almost Barefoot salutes Barefoot Kalantha, her many British supporters, and our sisters and brothers in Ethiopia. Her story isn't new as far as news is concerned, but her action represents timeless goodness.

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