Thursday, June 13, 2013

Global Barefoot-Italy

It is great to see readers from Italy joining our viewership. Grazie!

Italian folk dancing is an art form that spans much of central Europe as well as Italy and Sicily. To the un-trained eye, it looks much like gypsy folk dancing of Eastern Europe, and there are some similarities.

One of the best aspects of Italian folk dancing, or perhaps the most appealing, among many, is that much of it is done barefoot as it has been done for centuries.

There is something about dancing barefoot that connects the art form with ordinary people.

"Kicking off your shoes" is synonymous with letting go of the constraints of life and living in the moment.

Italian folk dancing had all but disappeared as Italy joined the generic culture of the European Union and got more connected to the corporate rat race, but a group of citizens would not let it be forgotten and so the Gruppo Folk "Gli Scalzi" de Cabras was formed.

The group came about in 1994 and as it grew, members began taking the group on tour and performing folk dance shows in cities throughout the country-and drawing big crowds. Now, almost 20 years later, they are well known and enjoying success, which goes to show that the Italian people who comprise their large audiences remain connected to folk dancing as a reflection of their natural heritage.

Today, Almost Barefoot salutes Gruppo Folk Gli Scalzi.       Viva Italia!      Ciao!

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