Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barefoot Entreprenuers-Adrienne Rinaldi

Adrienne Rinaldi, Yoga Teacher, web designer and creative entrepreneur
What would it be like to work a credible profession and make money while being barefoot?

Barefoot entrepreneur Adrienne Rinaldi can say a few words about this, and she does. She started out as a writer and editor of magazines and web content and has now taken her foray into teaching Yoga.

Adrienne also owns the media company Vega Communications, although these days she plies most of her media skills at the Boulder-based web company Slice of Lime, where she holds a full-time job.

Yes, she's quite the success at 29 years old, and didn't wait until middle age to discover Yoga.

Yoga is among the oldest athletic disciplines in the modern world, and for 5,000 years, Yoga has been practiced barefoot.

This 29-year-old woman combines her smarts of many types with conventional wisdom:

People tend to like an activity when it is paired with beer.
Adrienne became well-known as The BeerSnobChick while working as a writer, and has blogged about beer ever since. Face it, people like to work out, and they like to drink beer, especially here in Colorado, where she works and lives.
She became a Yoga instructor and began a new concept based on old wisdom stated above. She started teaching Yoga classes in bars. She also owns a media company. She's the ultimate barefoot entrepreneur, even when her shoes are on.
So what about having Yoga class in a local brewery? Why not?
For those of us who prefer to kick off our shoes whenever we can, consider this:
How else can you get into a brewery while barefoot?
By bringing your Yoga mat!
So, may we offer "salutations-Sun Salutations included-to Adrienne.
She started teaching "beer Yoga" classes last fall at the Twisted Pine Brewery in good ol' Boulder, CO. For twenty bucks, patrons got a full Yoga class and a pint of craft beer afterward.
Now why didn't we think of that?????????????
Adrienne recently told Elevation Outdoors Magazine (June 2013 issue) that her classes are Vinyasa Flow Style and that in her classes, she "doesn't do anything crazy like headstands".
In other words, it's Yoga for everyone. Learn more about Adrienne's classes at And check out some great pictures!
Almost Barefoot reminds everyone to drink responsibly and certainly, not to drive under the influence. Don't let such behavior be a buzz kill, since a Yoga buzz is a fantastic precursor to a beer buzz. 

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