Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Global Barefooter-United Kingdom

Global Barefooters have another reason to rejoice as barefooting is becoming known as a a good and healthy activity that is being encouraged, this time in the United Kingdom.

The Trentham Estate is an amazing place in Stafforshire, England that has countless forms of entertainment. A monkey forest, a high ropes course and a shopping village are just a few places you can visit in this expanse of over 700 acres.

The attraction we're most interested in is the barefoot park, which has expanses of trails with different materials and textures to educate the feet in the art and science of barefoot walking. The park was expanded for this year's visiting season.

Barefoot parks have become popular in mainland Europe-they are numerous in Germany and eastern Europe, and they have now come across the English Channel.

We at Almost Barefoot, in the good ol' US of A, would like to encourage our British Brothers and Sisters to help bring the idea across the Pond! If British were to pioneer barefoot parks in the USA, they might just get to call us colonists again, LOL.


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