Sunday, June 30, 2013

Global Bareooter-Spain

Almost Barefoot is finding a growing number of readers from Spain. So before going further, we just want to say, welcome!

A barefoot walk on the wellness path at Jardim Atlantico in Madeira, Spain.

We conducted some quick research and found a mix of perspectives on barefooting in the beautiful country of Spain.

One exchange student said her host insist on her wearing socks or slippers in the house.

An American businessman named Dennis Lewis, who married a Spanish woman and has been living in Spain for 20 years says Spaniards simply don't go barefoot and that doing so in the house seems to be viewed as an American peculiarity.

Specifically, Lewis said that if a Spanish colleague stops by your house and you are barefoot when you answer the door, that your colleague is likely to make fun of you and might just carry the joke to the office. Lewis posted his sentiments in Articlesbase while writing about the social climate of the Spanish business world.

Some travelers said they were barefoot all the time, on trains, subways and in shopping plazas, and while the locals thought it odd, their reactions were not hostile and by contrast were often curious, friendly and even complimentary.

We found a recent post on the wellness travel blog Spa in Spain that reflects the growing trend of specific places where people can go barefoot walking for wellness's sake. (see our earlier posts on barefoot parks in Hungary, Germany and Britain).

A wellness hotel in the city of Maeira call Jardim Atlantico Ecologic Hotel has a half mile for barefoot paths with different materials and textures that adds to the whole spa experience there that sounds quite amazing.

Almost Barefoot welcomes commentary from our readers in Spain, and thanks readers from all over our beautiful world for visiting us!

Hasta Luego!

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