Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barefoot walking-the new fountain of youth? Yes!

Barefoot Walking is being called the Fountain of Youth. While we take the term with a grain of salt, take off your shoes and try what the book Barefoot Walking teaches, because it is truthful indeed.

This writer at Almost Barefoot first started barefoot running four years ago when the co-author of Barefoot Walking, Michael Sandler, was profiled in the Denver post and has followed Sandler’s teachings ever since.

The book Barefoot Walking, co-authored by Sandler and his wife, Jessica Lee, delves deep into the science and life style that is centered on barefooting. The couple go barefoot nearly everywhere. Sandler was re-born after an accident that almost killed him. Barefoot running was the focus f his recovery. Barefooting later became a lifestyle that made him feel younger at age 39 than he’d felt since his teen years.
Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

“Going barefoot isn’t just a new experience, it’s an old experience, one you likely had as a child. Letting your feet feel the ground taps into the muscle memories and pleasant recollections of youth,” Sandler writes in chapter three.

Indeed, it is true that you will “feel like a little kid” again when you try barefoot walking or running. This psychological boost will stifle your stress, and you’ll begin to reap physical benefits as well. To summarize what Sandler writes, the collective effects of freeing your feet will stimulate muscles that have been dormant for years, and your entire body will have a beneficial awaking.

  • Better posture.
  • Stronger abs that come from better posture and muscular awakening.
  • An end to typical foot pain-this comes from compression by your shoes and over-stretching of the fascia due to your shoes’ constriction.
  • Better blood circulation, which will help reduce cold feet issues and nourishes every cell that the blood reached in your body.
  • Better natural padding in your feet. Your body will re-deposit the strategic padding you had when you were a toddler who walked barefoot.

Almost Barefoot highly recommends the wonderful book, Barefoot Walking, by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee (Random House, 2013).
BIO Profiles-Almost Barefoot
Vincent Gerbino is a barefoot runner and Yoga instructor. He worked for over ten years as a news reporter with the Cabinet Press, is currently a reporter for, and has been published in New Hampshire magazine. Vincent now runs the Barefoot Running Club established by Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler in 2009.

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