Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shoes for barefooters-a unique find we like

We're excited to find a new shoe for when we must wear them.

Yes, we're once  again talking about clogs, as we will over the course of this summer.

Observe below, a very unique take on traditional clogs. Note the cut-out on the top.
Avid bare footers with high arches will very likely enjoy these. A woman with high arches told this writer that while her feet feel good standing in clogs, the top of her foot gets pinched by the edge of the shoe top. (Continued below)

These clogs come from our friends in Germany, a nation whose many wonderful aspects include great shoes for barefooters-Birkenstocks, for one, and of course, Berlin Clogs, who are the maker of the clogs we see here. We eagerly await the arrival of these clogs that we ordered.
We'll be back soon.....Blessings!  

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