Friday, July 26, 2013

Global Barefooter-Saudi Arabia

 Our international audience continues to diversify. One of or largest groups of new readers are from Saudi Arabia. We're grateful to have you viewing our site!

We're being honest when we say we didn't expect to find much information on going barefoot in the famous desert nation. After all, women aren't even supposed to show bare ankles. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bent the rules a bit on her visit with the Saudi King.

So we expected a random search to come up empty, but the vast desert is quite an attractive place for the extreme runner.

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This man is known only as "Ron"  In his running rants, Ron tell how junk is littered throughout the desert near the city of Dharan, where he lives, and also shows spiny burs from desert plants that make barefooting a challenge.

So while the social rules of Saudi Arabia may require one's shoes to be on in most places outside a Mosque, it seems that the desert is anyone's best barefoot adventure.


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