Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barefoot for life: Stepping out with Kriste B.

        Kriste Brushaber takes a barefoot walk in the Denver Botanical Gardens. 
 Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler of the Denver Post.
Stepping out with Kriste B, and ordinary, extraordinary woman
Take a look at the life of Kriste Brushaber, and then you'll ask yourself, Who wouldn’t want to be like this woman? She is financially successful. She is self-empowered. She is in charge of the place where she works, she is respected among her peers and has helped many people live better lives, and thus earned a true feeling of moral goodness. And we know that much about her before we even get to the fact that she almost never wears shoes.
Yes, Kriste Burshaber lives her life almost barefoot.
She keeps a pair of sandals in her hand bag for those ties when business might require her to don shoes temporarily, and if extreme winter temperatures require them, well, then being shod is unavoidable.  woman who can be seen hiking miles of Colorado trails and climbing high rock formations without any footwear whatsoever.
One might say she is privileged by a unique situation that lets her be barefoot all the time, but her life has been pretty normal. She lost her job years back and as part of her economic rebuilding process, she started a humble business out of her home teaching Pilates. She worked hard and with passion and started to get more business.
Then she took a risk and tried something new that hadn't been done in her business before and it worked.  She has a pretty normal story, starting form humble beginnings and working hard to succeed. The fact that her chosen occupation lets her go barefoot all the time.....well that's just a really awesome work perk. Most of us dream of beach vacations where e can do that for a week or so, the stereotypical slacker's paradise. And there's nothing wrong with that, but it's downright impressive when one can do it for a job, even if the job isn't tasting Margaritas for Jose Cuervo.
Kriste expanded from the realm of Pilates to teaching rehabilitative therapy to patients, teaching them how to re-learn good movement by starting with then fundamental basics that we all started with as kids. We learned to walk barefoot as babies, and developed our sense of balance and coordination based on barefooting. Her company, Homeostasis Movement, keeps her busy full-time. She's been barefoot for about ten years.
Maybe being barefoot while being engaged in the serious work mode helped spur the creative spirit that as channeled into a successful business. It's quite possible. Maybe more business executive should take off their shoes to help themselves find new ideas and innovations and err......, think outside the shoe box??????


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