Tuesday, August 13, 2013

World's most famous barefoot runner shatters femur-again-and again, he vows full recoery is at hand

Almost Barefoot is asking viewers, if they can, to help out one of the people who has helped make the world a better place for barefooting.

Coach Michael Sandler fell and shattered his femur while on a recent hike.

The doctors said there simply aren't any odds to describe the likelihood of Sandler's situation. After all, he just recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of shattering his other femur-and half his pelvis, the event that led him to barefoot running for recovery-full recovery.

Video of Michael Sandler's accident and a positive message

"While out on book tour, on May 19th, 2013, I was injured in a hiking accident that nearly took my life.  I slipped while crossing a creek in leather moccasins, flying through the air, and shattering my right leg on impact.

Yes, for those of you who are familiar with my story, I somehow did it AGAIN. This time shattering my right femur. Seven years ago, I shattered my left femur.

The accident was profound, we were stuck in the creek for two hours as I bled internally and nearly slipped away. I had to literally force myself to breathe to stay alive. And so I thought of the most positive thing I could, LOVE, and focused on the love, with every single breath. I kept repeating to myself, “breathe in light… breathe out love”. The incident was an incredible learning lesson; our lives flashing before our eyes, as the clock ticked away and we desperately waited for help to arrive. It took two long hours before I was stabilized and air-lifted out,"

Sandler wrote on the website runbare.com  With Jessica Lee Sandler by his side, he has vowed once again that he will recover as he did the last tie this happened-back then on a bike path while rollerblading, for those who haven't yet read the book, Barefoot Running.

The accident caused the couple's tour and the promotion of the newer book, Barefoot Walking, to be cut short, and financial challenges that come from not touring are daunting.

Jessica and Michael are asking for our help to get them back on their feet. They certainly have made the world a better place for our feet go without shoes, so please help them out if you can.

They are seeking help between now and the end of September.

They released a book about recovering from tough challenges called
Breath Love can be purchased-it's an amazing story about positive attitude and recovery from serious set-backs-Michael is quite an expert ont his!

Other ways to help: shop
RunBare.com for all sorts of great items that helped the whole movement take root!

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Michael reads the paper with Betty the Bison. :)

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Barefoot Running
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