Friday, August 2, 2013

Best shoes for Barefooters-Olsson Clogs

Olsson clogs are a wonderful shoe for the barefooter when the barefooter must wear shoes. Like their name, Olssons hail from Sweden, a country that produces many wonderful things that are unique to the nation’s Scandinavian heritage, including our favorite wooden shoes.

This writer owns three pairs of Olssons and acquired the first pair over 12 years ago. Yes, I still have them and I love to wear them when I must wear shoes.
My first Olssons...and certainly not my last!

It was my first pair of Olssons that allowed me to correct my excessive pronation. Don’t misunderstand, pronation-the lateral movement of the ankle when one steps down-is normal for many people and is not some sort of podiatric curse, as some would make it seem.

World superstar runner Haile Gebrselassie is pronates quite a bit, and it doesn’t slow him down.
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International superstar marathoner Haile Gebrselassie of Ehthiopia. Source:
But his foot also lands flat, as you can see in videos that look at his steps. My pronation caused the inside of my heel to dig in, which was evident in all of my shoes (before I wore clogs) and it thus put stress on my ankles and back.

Olssuns have a raised ridge for the toes to grab so the clog can roll with your natural gait as you walk. You get full mobility and a stable step.

These clogs are of medium weight with an authentic wood bottom and are made in Sweden. You can walk quietly in them with a very small amount of effort, and if you decide you want to make some noise, that is quite effortless. They are light enough that you can walk for hours and for miles once they’re broken in and you’ll be comfortable all day.

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