Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Barefooter's best shoes-Tessa Clogs

Wearing a good pair of clogs is like going barefoot with our shoes on.

Black Mountain Clog
Mountain clogs in black. These were our first pair. Years of everyday work and they still look like this. They are worth the price you pay, as your feet will feel like a million bucks all day long!

Today, we review Tessa Clogs. Tessa's are just one of numerous brands we've worn and would recommend you try for those days that you must wear shoes. Wearing these clogs won't feel like a chore.

  Brown Oil

Tessa Clogs are named for professional skier Tessa Manning. She now lives in Vail, CO with her husband, Chris, where they operate a store well-known as the Swedish Clog Cabin. It is easy to order from their excellent website, and clicking through the wide variety of clogs is a fun shopping experience even if you’re not into shopping-especially if you’re not into shopping, because you’d never know there were so many choices.

The choices of funky colors and even painted designs is extensive, but that makes these clogs no less practical for barefooters when we must wear shoes. Among the many options, the favorite choice of Almost Barefoot is the Mountain Clog. This clog is tried and true and combines all the aspects of practicality with fun.

The clog has an adjustable sling back that offers a wide range of positions so that you can walk for miles and have the assurance that your shoe will stay on, and when you don’t need the sling, it flips over to be an ornamental strap that doesn’t interfere with kicking off your clogs when the opportunities to be barefoot arrive.

The Mountain Clog has a genuine lug sole which makes the clog adequate for walking in rough spots when shoes must be on and this also allows for quite walking while giving your clogs a rugged look that makes admirers often think that they are boots. The Mountain Clog has a narrower toe and, like Olssons, it has a stepper platform slope that lets the clogs fit closer to your foot and become part of it. Your feet roll forward effortlessly with each step and will allow you to walk for hours. They may need a couple of weeks of break-in time since they have tighter fit, but once broken-in, wearing them is like walking barefoot with your shoes on.

This writer has owned Mountain Clogs for eight years and remains as happy as they day they came out of the box. The leather upper will last a long time with just a little treatment now and then. They are an excellent shoe for the person who lives Almost Barefoot.
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