Sunday, August 18, 2013

Almost Barefoot-Fall Preview

Good Morning to all our wonderful readers.

I'm posting a short preview of things Almost Barefoot will share with you this fall. We're certainly not trying to rush to the end of the official barefoot season, but it is exciting to see how the newness of the next season will help foster the growth of the Almost Barefoot lifestyle.


  • Barefooting has new meaning in fall as the ground cools and our perception changes and rises with the newness of the season.
  • Let us begin looking at barefooting in the new era and the more-matriarchal world.
  • We’ll look at what it is to be spiritually barefooting.
  • Creating the spiritual realm in the home that is barefoot sanctuary.
  • Yoga-creating a practice links us to the oldest meaningful barefoot tradition.
  • Ideas for creating a socially-sustainable, Almost Barefoot culture.

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