Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best barefooting shoes review-Berlin Clogs

Berlin "Wooden Clogs" in black that Almost Barefoot tested..and loves
This week, Almost Barefoot reviews Berlin Clogs Brand "Wooden Clogs". They may not have a fancy name, at least not in English, but they are worthy of recognition for sure. The clogs you see above were worn all of last week and every moment was quite enjoyable. In this world, they are among the best shoes for barefooters whenever barefooters must wear shoes. All totaled, I stopped measuring the walking distance after the total distance exceeded 25 miles. "Berlins", as I'll call them, have a wide toe box and are very accommodating to a wide foot, similar to Sven clogs, which I've also reviewed.
The platform slope of Berlins s unique. The slope is just high enough to prevent the clog from sliding forward while you are walking, as Svens sometimes do, but the slope is not so high that the clogs becomes part of your foot in the literal sense that Olssons or Tessas do. There is a fair amount of wiggle room inside these clogs even as they easily stay on your feet, and it takes no time to break these clogs in. As soon as they go on, they become one of those few pairs of shoes that make you feel almost barefoot.
The bottoms of Berlins are of solid wood and be forewarned, they do make a good amount of noise when you walk, unlike Svens, which are incredibly quiet. It takes a bit of effort to be quiet when walking in Berlins-not an issue for me as I like to make a bit of noise just for fun. For the person who wants to announce her or his arrival, Berlins may well be the perfect clog. On days where more decorum is required, one might opt for Svens or another, quieter pair of clogs. Noise is no issue if you're walking strictly on solid floors that are carpeted. The hollow, raised floors in some buildings-that are ironically designed to keep sound from carrying to the level below, will indeed amplify the clunk of your Berlins, so keep that in mind.
Another great feature about Berlin Clogs is that they come a a lot of different colors, including bright blues and yellows that will allow them to step beyond the traditional fashion boundaries and typical outfits one typically wears clogs with, not that I'm knocking those outfits.

Wooden clogs blue with pad Wooden clogs grey Wooden clogs mint green Clog closed SpringClosed Cowhide Clog black-white

Berlins are true to their heritage-they are hand-made in Germany by craftspeople. It took a month from the day we ordered them for them to arrive, but they were worth the wait indeed. So don't knock Berlin Clogs for going a bit slower; simply order them early. You'll be very glad you did.

In fairness to the other brands of clogs that Almost Barefoot has tested, we give Berlins a grade of A-. Provided the clogs hold up structurally over the next year, they will certainly deserve a solid A. The other brands we've tested have been worn at least a year I every case. A pair of Berlins could have a nice home parked at the entrance of one's barefoot sanctuary.

This week, another pair of Berlins is about to be tested-Berlin's "Natural Clogs".  These are of a unique, unusual design, and I look forward to reporting on them for you next week.

BELOW: Berlin Clogs Brand "Natural Clogs"


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