Saturday, July 13, 2013

Barefooter's best shoes

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to wear shoes except when we wanted to. But the world is what it is. No need to fret or be bitter; there are great footwear options that work with an Almost-Barefoot lifestyle. Here are some fail-safe favorite.

Clogs. Enough said. Not really. Lots of good things need to be said about them. Traditional clogs are perfect for a person who prefers to be barefoot. When you wear a good pair of traditional clogs, you essentially are barefoot, and not just because clogs can be worn without socks.

Although clogs are footwear, they are not shoes. Instead of bending, clogs roll when you step; they allow your foot to lift up off the platform as you step, and well-made pair will stretch to accommodate the movement that is your natural step so that they become loose on your feet while remaining secure.

Traditional clogs have wooden bottoms, so they simulate the hard ground and thus encourage you to step naturally as if you weren’t wearing shoes (see barefoot running tab). Your foot spreads out upon the wood foundation that is the sole of the clog. Because your feet lift and roll when you walk, a natural gait comes very close to replicating barefoot movement.

Clogs are also fun. They make noise, nice rhythmic noise that lets you be noticed. The very nature of clogs, clunky with substance, gives an air of authority. They let you announce your presence in the room and put you on a platform to be noticed. And with a bit of will, one can crush objects with them.

While no suggestion is being made toward violence, but these big, wearable chunks of wood suggest strength. So enjoy that psychological lift from your clogs. One more perk; they give you a bit of height if you’re short, and if you’re not short, what’s a bit more height?
Clogs aren’t just for women, though we love the beautiful and authoritative, fun appearance a woman has when she wears them!    Clogs complement traditional clothes perfectly well. Men and women wear them all over Europe.
American fashion is not so ordinarily bold, but America is a free country, so if you’re living in America, act, and dress, as if you actually know it is a free country.


We'll be talking at length about clogs in coming posts.
Clogs are part of the barefoot doctrine, after all!
We'll review many different brands of clogs, share pictures and links so you can buy them.
As long as you must wear closed-toed shoes, wear clogs.

We will soon be in touch!       
Featured clogs today: 
Up top: Berlin Clogs-we'll be wearing and reviewing them for you soon!
Above: Sven Clogs-Swedish design, made in USA! Full review coming soon!

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  1. I love wearing clogs. Like you I really love the feeling of strength they give me. You mention that they can crush things and that is very true. I don't walk on living things but when I wear my clogs I will walk in and on anything else that I see. My lug sole clogs are my favorite, partly because they bring attention to my clogs, and partly because they grip in what I walk through, and leave the neatest imprints on it. THe best pair I own is a pair of sandals with lugs. The lugs look totally out of place on them, but sexy at the same time--sandal straps make them airy on top, but the bottoms are very serious and aggressive looking. Heading into Wal-Mart I keep an eye out for dropped trash, and have stepped on hundreds of items while on my way through the parking lot. Most of them get the lug marks from my sole impressed into them--dropped cardboard, empty bags, a burger patty, fries, are all recent examples, but some stick in the treads where they stay for a while as I walk around--there is still evidence of the wet hot dog roll I walked over last week stuck in the lugs. I barely felt it, but most of it stayed with me through my shopping trip. The same for a bunch of strawberries. There are still some stains in the light lugs. I also love to show off my clog soles when I know I have walked in something like that. I will set my clog behind me for everyone to see!