Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Barefooter's best shoes....more to come on our clogs reviews!

We can't help that we're excited. Wearing clogs is such a relief for the barefooter who must be shod in certain situations-like work and other minor details that enable survival.

Clogs are the barefooter's best shoe choice when there is not choice but to wear shoes. The good news is that wearing shoes can be fun when they are clogs.

Our new order of Berlin Clogs is in process, and we'll soon be wearing them and sharing our experiences with you. And quite honestly, we can't wait! It's like taking off your shoes on a whim and strutting barefoot down the sidewalk just because that's the way the day is going.

 We'll soon be strutting in our Berlin Clogs, black with the traditional cut we know and love. it will be a pleasure to compare them to other brands we love and trust and see just how well these do.
Quite honestly, Almost Barefoot has a lot of confidence in our clogs-to -come. After all, they are hand-crafted by Germans, people who have made and worn clogs for centuries. Other German favorite shoes include the lauded Birkenstocks, another great shoe choice for barefooters.
And we also applaud our friends from Deutschland for simply having taste in fashion. While we love no country more than we love our dear U.S.A., our great nation's fashion is so backward. Men wear clogs all over Europe. Why is it still such an oddity here? I do commend the many American women who have complimented my clogs, just as I compliment the strength and boldness of the American woman, and of women worldwide.
We'll be back. And soon!  Many barefoot blessings to you!

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