Sunday, July 14, 2013

Featured clogs-Sven Clogs

My favorite thing about clogs will always be that I can easily slip out for a moment and be barefoot as I need to be. Every barefooter can enjoy this luxury amidst the situation that requires them to be constrained by shoes.
It's that easy to just slip ou of them or kick them off.
As far as enjoying clogs when they are on, that's easy, too. The clogs in the photos are Sven clogs. Their bottoms are made of wood, and the wood is quite light, so they won't clunk unless you want them too.

Svens also have a wide toe box. They let your foot spread out and be comfortable and can be worn for hours on the very first day.

Sven clogs are typically bought in stores rather than online, but the retailers who sell them work with you so that it is as easy as online shopping but with a better, personal touch.
The clogs can be customized in many ways! You can choose the color of the sole as well as the color of the shoe top, and there is a very wide selection that insures fun and diversity for your wardrobe.
Almost Barefoot got Svens at El Lorro Jewelry in Boulder, CO.
Kick 'em off under the desk.......enjoy a barefoot moment!

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